Amazon Sponsored Ads Management

This is a contractual service with a 3-month minimum commitment.  You receive hands-on ad account management that focuses on developing efficient ad campaigns intended to improve conversions, reduce unnecessary ad spend, and seek out new opportunities for building brand awareness across your brand product mix.  The service includes the following:

  • Creation of new ad campaigns within the scope of the seller's defined and pre-authorized budget
  • Modification/Optimization of Current Ad Campaigns
  • Weekly Maintenance of Advertising Campaigns
  • Monthly Ad Account Reporting and Analytics

NOTE: To be eligible for this service, sellers must be selling on the Amazon USA or UK marketplaces, have a registered trademark, and be enrolled in Amazon’s brand registry program.

Cost Details:

I charge a flat fee of $275 per month to cover the cost of my time and expertise spent managing, analyzing, and optimizing your account, plus 2.5% of your total monthly ad budget.  

For example, if your total monthly ad budget is $3,600 ($120 per day) then your total monthly fee would be $365 per month.

Business Analytics & Reporting

Knowing the numbers of your Amazon business is essential to sustaining profits and reducing costs.  Most eCommerce sellers don't know how to answer basic business questions such as inventory turnover, refund and return rates, and knowing which products are actually making or losing money.   I can help businesses understand this with easy to read analysis reports and develop customized strategies for improving metrics.

Cost Details:

This service is tailored specifically to meet the needs of the client.  Please contact me for more information.

Personal Business & Life Coaching

Many times entrepreneurs seek answers to their business questions by attempting to “Google harder” or “YouTubing It”.  While these methods are often helpful and adequate in answering technical questions, there are still going to be times where you have unique situations in your business where the answers cannot be found on a Reddit forum.  When that happens, you can use a business coach to ask questions, ask for advice or recommendations, and acquire valuable knowledge from someone who has been through the peaks and valleys of owning an eCommerce business.  

Cost Details:

Hourly Rate: $125/hr 

Zoom Video Conference 

Contact me for scheduling options

Let's Work Together!

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