Sponsored Ads Analytics and Optimization

Amazon Sponsored Ads are a necessary component of selling on  Wouldn't it nice to know that you had an expert to give you a strategy for creating advertising campaigns that managed risk AND increased profit?  That's where we can help.  We look at your product(s) and develop a customized strategy for implementation based on your budget requirements and risk threshold.  If you're an existing sponsored ads account holder, we can optimize and fine-tune your account to reduce ad spend and increase organic rank on top performing keywords.

Amazon Business Analytics & Reporting

Knowing the numbers of your Amazon business is essential to sustaining profits and reducing costs.  Most sellers on Amazon don't know how to answer basic business questions such as inventory turnover, refund and return rates, and knowing which products are actually making or losing money.   We can help businesses understand this with easy to read analysis reports and develop customized strategies for improving metrics.

Personalized Coaching Sessions

For those looking for some one-on-one coaching, we offer coaching sessions for existing Amazon Sellers and those wanting to use to sell their products online. This coaching is tailored to your goals and objectives.  

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