Whether you are an established eCommerce business, a trusted brick & mortar, or a startup wanting to take your business to the next level - my company can help you realize your sales goals by leveraging the power eCommerce. I help my clients by developing practical, managed risk strategies for launching, building, and growing a brand on popular online shopping platforms like Amazon and Shopify - while avoiding many of the common pitfalls that easily destroy profit margin and ROI on advertising.


I help my clients grow their businesses to six-figures and beyond using "Fulfillment by Amazon" (Amazon FBA). How is this possible? By using a unique blend of "old school" and "new age" business and digital marketing strategies. I understand that marketing and brand building isn't what it used to be, and requires a new approach. I am an expert at developing strategic formulas that reduce risk, and maximize return on investment.


I am a trusted professional within the Amazon selling community, featured on podcasts such as Salesbacker Sellercast Podcast and The Selling Guys blog.

Kindra Martinenko
Kindra Martinenko, Founder & CEO


Hi, my name is Kindra, the founder of Active Action Brands, LLC. I am a business strategist and eCommerce marketing professional. Plain and simple: I love helping people. When I am not serving others, I enjoy being with my family, photography, and learning new things. Below you can learn more about me!

My Experience

With an MBA in ManagementĀ & Strategy, I have overĀ 7 years of applied digital marketing experience, combined with 15 years of experience in the fields of data analysis and geographic information systems.

I am among the top 10% of all Amazon Sellers, selling over six figures.

To date, I have helped my clients generate over half a million dollars in sales revenue.

My Purpose

My purpose is to help business owners break through the barriers of selling their physical products on Amazon and other places online.

It is my mission to provide honest, trustworthy, "no-nonsense" advice that helps entrepreneurs avoid the confusion and frustration involved with starting a business online.

My Passion

It is my passion to help others do what they otherwise would think they could not do themselves.

I want to be able to step through a process with a client from start to end, and have the result be increased revenue, reduced expense, or greater exposure for their products and services on a national or even worldwide scale.

When that result is achieved, that is what gives me the motivation and energy to continue to get up every morning and do it all over again.

If you are looking for someone to work on behalf of your business with a positive, winning attitude - look no further.