Case Study: Jelbows

elbows ergonomic gel elbow wrist rest


jelbows experienced modest success on Amazon since 2016 through organic growth - but had plateaued in sales and had not yet utilized Amazon's Sponsored Product Ads service to generate additional revenue.


The first step in helping Jelbows establish a successful advertising campaign was to do a complete audit of their listings to ensure that the listings contained highly relevant and best converting search terms and keywords. Next, the backend search terms and keyword metadata were optimized following best practices for search engine optmization and Amazon "A9" search algorithms. After the first three months, we progressively scaled jelbows' campaigns, using the data obtained from search term reports to fine-tune and optimize conversions.

jelbows ad performance snapshot
jelbows ads sales revenue snapshot


Since asking us to set up optimize Amazon Sponsored Ads campaigns in mid-November of 2018, jelbows has generated over $20,000 in additional sales revenue. We continue to advise the jelbows team on how to help them scale and improve their sales with proven and innovative marketing solutions.

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